wondering about swim caps....?
t g
2007-07-10 22:02:41 UTC
I am going on a cruise and don't want to have to wash and dry my hair every time I go swimming. Was thinking about getting a swim cap, but instructions say "wet hair first". what is this all about? any ideas? suggestions? I want something to cover my hair and keep it dry. thanks all!
Eight answers:
2007-07-10 22:12:20 UTC
I used to wear a swim cap when I was little...I didn't wet my hair...try putting it on without wetting you hair to see if it works...I dont think it would cover my hair dry...the purpose of the cap is to keep your hair out of the pool.
2007-07-11 07:10:40 UTC
You don't have to (I never do) but like everyone says, your hair will get all like semi-wet and a little gross inside your cap no matter what. But if your mainly concerned about the aspect of having a wet head the whole time your on your cruise, you could wear a cap and after just rinse your hair with normal water and try to find a styling product that works good with wet hair (like air-drying curl scrunching gel). I personally wouldn't want to wear a swim cap while on a cruise, but your only other bet is to stay out of the water entirely.

And if you do have a cap, make sure it's not fabric.
2007-07-11 05:42:59 UTC
A swim cap will not keep your hair dry unless you plan on keeping your head and neck completely out of the water at all times. Swim caps are designed to reduce drag and keep your loose hair from getting into the water and filter. You do not have to wet your hair before you put a cap on but be prepared for some pulling.

As for keeping your hair dry I don't know of any product that will keep it dry if you submerge your head. If you stay above water and don't go below your neck you could wear a shower cap or swim cap to avoid the splashes.

Good luck, enjoy your cruise!!!
2007-07-11 00:10:22 UTC
swim caps don't really work.. no matter what, some water doesn go in the cap. Even if no water goes into the cap.. when you take off your cap, there is this nasty feeling..

so its best if you tie your hair up.. real high and in a bun if it is long, and try not to go underwater.. then only the hair in the back is wet.. you can either wash that little part or just dry it, or let it air dry.

or go try a new haircut =D
2016-05-19 06:46:57 UTC
Well for competition swimming the swim cap makes you have less drag in in the water so you can swim faster. Also girls with long hair don't want hair in there eyes constantly while swimming. I had hair that was long enough to be in my eyes so I needed to wear a swim cap at competitions but now I only swim for exercise and do not need a swim cap.
Georgia Peachy
2007-07-11 08:28:45 UTC
Swim caps are used in competing to reduce drag and keep your hair out of the way and your hair will always get wet
2007-07-11 03:41:11 UTC
Use a latex or silcone swimming cap and you don't need to wet your hair before because it won't stay on your head in that case. I suggest silcome, it lasts longer but it's really tight, keeps water out for good, or you can use latex but it really is pain because you have to buy a new one like every 2-3 weeks. THe one that I had didn't even last 2 days.
2007-07-14 09:20:54 UTC
your hair will get wet anyway on matter what tyoe of swuim cap you are wearing. it says wet hair first because its easier to but the cap on and it doesn't pull your hair and hurt as much. sorry i dont think that there is a way for you to not get your hair wet when swimming.

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